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 Post subject: Hosting FAQ
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:21 pm 
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If this is your first time hosting, you might wish to consider having an experienced player/host as your co-host. It is strongly recommended that you actually have played mafia and know how the game works before you attempt your first game as a host. If you really are set on hosting by yourself, at least get someone to review your game and mechanics to ensure there is balance.

If you do have a co-host, it is IMPERATIVE that you communicate with them. They should know everything about the game so they can step in if you need to be gone. This is why the Hosting Section becomes a godsend. If you set your threads up correctly in there, you can keep everything orderly and you can both see what is going on at a glance.

Ideally, these are the standards for games at RM and most of the other sites:

Set your Day/Nights length. Most games are 48hr days, 24hr nights. For speed games, they can be 24hr days/24hr nights - but vet your players first as some won't play 24/24.

Roles should be available. You can mark SECRET if there is stuff you don't want players to know.

Rules - plenty of examples of rules for games in past games. Adjust to suit mechanics of your game.

Hosting Rights

You will have the right to Edit and Delete posts in the Game Section (players do not have this ability).
You will have access to a Game Host private section of the forum where you can stage your posts, collect PM's and whatever else you need to do. This works very well for collating PMs in order of receipt (I quote them into a post for each Night, in order of receipt). Nobody else has access to this area, not even Mods or me. Be cautious with Titles of Topics here... a Mod can see when you make edits to posts there in the Moderator Log - as long as they don't say LT - SK then it will be fine ;) ).

You will see remnants of threads from past game hosts. Plenty of examples of stuff there!


You should create a Topic in the appropriate game section with the name of your game, signups as title. Start a poll by editing first post (see below). It is also a good idea to personally invite people and to advertise on other forums. I usually make the rounds for Hosts after a few days of signups and no activity. Once signups are full, you start a new Topic for your Game thread.


The poll is created using the 1st post of your game thread. Length of poll is in HOURS, so you can set it to 46hrs or 48hrs...or whatever you need.

When you need to create a new Lynch Poll, you will need to Edit your 1st post of the game thread, delete the current poll (there is a check box) and submit. You then edit the 1st post again and add a new poll.

If you try to change a poll (add a name, correct a typo), it will remove any votes already cast, so best not to do this.

You can, however, extend the time of a poll without having to create a new poll, and it will not delete votes already cast.

You can also change the title of the Game to Day 1, Night 1 etc by editing the 1st post.


If you first write your posts in the Hosts Section, I recommend that you Edit and then Copy the post rather than try to use the Mod Tools.

Timing of Posts

It is important to always be on time with posts. If you know there will be a delay, try to let your players know in advance.

Keeping track of events

It is good practice to put a link to the Lynch and Night posts in your 1st post. You can get the link by clicking the little white box in the top bar of your Lynch/Night post (I think it is on the right corner) and then copying the resulting url. Also, mark players as dead, roles etc.

Keeping Order

If things start to get a little heated, it is a good idea to nip it in the bud immediately. Something joking, fun... if the behavior continues and you have asked the player to refrain from whatever it is they are doing to disrupt the game, you can contact a Mod (one of us will not be playing for this reason) and they can issue a formal board warning or whatever needs to be done to help you.

Accusations of Cheating.

This is a very very rare thing. However, if this should happen, you will need to involve the non-playing Mod so that appropriate disciplinary action can be taken. Evidence has to be gathered, such as copies of PMs, chats... whatever. We take this seriously at RM as it can ruin our reputation if it is allowed to go on without recourse.

Getting Help

As previously mentioned, one of the RM Mod Team (LT, Doober, FH, Rabbit, DH, LC, BR) will not be playing. This is so that should you need help with anything at all, you have someone to go to who is not playing and can be impartial.

Posting features

Check this post for the various features at RM.

I think that is everything! If you have any questions about how hosting things work at RM, please don't hesitate to ask! I am more than happy to help in any way I can.

Thanks for hosting!!! :daezy:




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