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Author:  DharmaHelper [ Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Hello again! I've been hooting and hollering all week on IRC about Fiasco, a tabletop roleplaying game about building stories together that are destined for disaster and mayhem. And now it's time to put my money where my mouth is! This thread will house all the "official" stuff needed to get a game running. Before we go any further here are the basics:

1. If you want an idea on how the game is played go to this thread And if you have any questions PM me or get a hold of me on IRC!

2. If you're interested in playing, vote in the poll like a boss. I am shooting for 5 players, including myself so four more people. If we get more than 4, what I will do is have the first five people including me be our "cast of characters" and anyone extra that is interested in Fiasco can come and help set the scene by offering ideas, helping to resolve scenes, develop the story, etc. If we get enough interest, each session will have a different cast, so sign up even if we hit 4 people because that will give you priority for a spot in the next session.

3. We will be playing using a different "playset" each week. A playset is a road map basically of each story's theme. The first week's playset is "Flight 1180", you can download and read the playset FREE at THIS LINK Again, download and read over "Flight 1180" if you're interested in this week's game. If you see a theme you want to play on that site, download it, read it over, and let me know! Fiasco is all about community, so the more involved you get the better the experience will be.

So how/when are we going to play, you ask? Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have wrapped up this week so we will not start this week. Instead, we will be playing Saturday April 6th at 6:30 EST. Some notes about what to expect:

1. Bring a notepad, open up notepad on your computer, or a spreadsheet or something. You won't need to keep EXTENSIVE notes as I'll be doing most of that leg work but it will be helpful if you take notes on things like your characters Needs, Relationships, etc. Also, keep the PDF of the playset handy for identifying the Needs/Locations/Objects/Relationships during set up.

2. Come to IRC at #RevMafia like normal, but when we start, the game will be played at #RMGames

3. At 6:30pm EST EXACTLY we will start, I will go over the set up, rules, etc *IN IRC* And help people to understand how the game is played. The initial dice pool (which we will use to define Relationships, Locations, Objects, and Needs) I will roll OUTSIDE of IRC. Dice rolls from then on will be handled in IRC. LT made a very nice Dice Roller for our purposes. Included in this post is a BRIEF AND NONSPECIFIC outline of how the game should go. Again please contact me with questions.

1. Set Up Phase: I will roll a pool of 20 dice outside of IRC, posting the results in IRC, and denoting 10 dice as "Blue" and 10 dice as "Red". This distinction will be important later. We will each take turns using one dice to flesh out one aspect of our characters. For example, Player 1 picks a blue 3 to try and define a "Need" between himself and Player 2. Player 2 Defines that need with a red 1. And so on and so on until everyone has a Need, and we have at least 1 object and 1 location defined.

2. Act 1: We will take turns using the same order as in the Set Up Phase to either act out or describe scenes for our characters. Every character gets 2 scenes in Act 1. At the start of the scene, the player whose turn it is chooses to Resolve or Establish. If they "Resolve" that means they pick the result of their scene (good=blue dice, bad=red dice) but the other players get to set up the scene's specifics. If they choose to establish, the reverse is true and the other players award the result. The player whose scene it is gives the resulting dice away to someone else during Act 1. For example if Player 1 Resolves, everyone else describes his scene, but he decides it ends well so he gets a blue dice. He then gives that blue dice away.

3. Tilt: After half of the dice have been used, players roll the dice they have been given. In our case, I will ask everyone to use the rollbot and denote x dice as blue and y dice as red. For example if Player 1 ends up with 1 Blue and 1 Red, I'll say "Player 1, type !roll 2 6 and treat the first number as your blue dice, and the second as your Red dice". Player 1 rolls a 5 Blue and 2 Red. Player 2 has 2 blue dice and 1 red dice and rolls 5 red, 1 blue and 2 blue, Player 3 has only 3 red dice and rolls 2 red, 2 red, and 3 red. Because Player 3 has the highest red total and player 1 has the highest blue total, they will pick 2 elements from the tilt table using those rolls the same way they picked things in the Set Up phase. *DO NOT WORRY, I WILL EXPLAIN THE TILT AND AFTERMATH WHEN WE PLAY*

4. Act 2: Exactly like Act 1, except keep the dice you receive from your scenes, and elements from the Tilt interfere with the story we establish.

5. Aftermath: When the remaining dice are assigned, everyone rolls their dice. Then you subtract the lowest color from the highest color to get your Aftermath score. I will explain this in IRC as well, so no worries. Depending on your aftermath score, you use your dice to narrate a montage-style finale for your character, using each die you have as a "scene" in the montage with blue dice being good things, and red dice being bad things.


Author:  DharmaHelper [ Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Session 1 Details

Playset - Flight 1180

Session Start: 6:30pm EST
Estimated Session Time: 2 Hours.


Cast Of Characters:
[Will Edit for more/details]
1. Aces as Chet Bigsly
2. Reywas as Himself
3. JulietsCoffee as Herself
4. S~V~S as Herself
5.DharmaHelper as Robert "Bobby" Bigsly

The Story:
After the opening credits, the camera is set in the sky facing an oncoming plane, flight 1180 from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. As the plane zooms by, the camera enters the plane and moves past the cockpit, down the aisles. A sad looking man steals glances at a businessman who seems to be ill and nervous. Another man is fidgeting in his seat, staring out the window of the plane. Two women are sitting together, laughing and chatting. The fidgeting man finally stands up, leaning over to speak with one of the two women.

"Uh excuse me, miss, who I do not know at all." He exaggerates every word and winks a few times at the first of the women. He explains that her headrest is too high, but even when she promises to lower it after giving him a dirty look, he insists on speaking with her and drags her down the aisle into a conversation away from prying eyes. When they are sure no one is listening, the woman starts

"What the hell Chet! I'm on my honeymoon! You can't just.."

Chet holds up a hand to stop her, "Listen, SVS just hear me out." he says.

The camera pulls away from their conversation, and we can see that SVS' wife is leaning over the aisle starring at them as the camera fades to black.

The camera fades back in, showing the businessman from the plane in his office. He looks much better than he does on the plane. He is looking over documents and making calls to clients when a secretary enters, explaining that their boss wants to see him. The camera follows the businessman all the way to his bosses office, where we see a woman is already sitting down. As the businessman takes his seat slightly out of frame, the woman is revealed to be the second half of the married couple on the plane. The businessman takes his seat, coldly ignoring the woman. It is clear that they do not like each other, but because of their jobs they must maintain appearances. Their boss, Jersey Moneybags, is standing in front of them, dressed in a red satin pair of pants and wielding a golf club as if it was a samurai sword. He greets the man as Reywas, and the woman as JulietsCoffee. He explains that they are his best contractors, and that a big contract just opened up in China. Whichever one of them lands the contract first will get a huge promotion and a great deal of money. Jersey Moneybags lays down a few racial slurs about his Chinese counterparts before explaining that whoever does not get the contract will have their eyes ripped out and shoved into their throats. He smacks the golf club down on his desk for good measure. Juliets is clearly unnerved by her boss, but Reywas seems to be on the same page. The two men shake hands, and Juliets just nods awkwardly as the scene ends.

Back on the plane, JulietsCoffee is still starring at her wife and the strange man as their heated conversation continues. As it wraps up, SVS walks back to her seat and she and JulietsCoffee exchange words about the man. SVS tries to explain that he is just some creep from highschool that used to date her sister, but Juliets is not convinced. In fact, a glimmer of recognition flashes across her face as she watches Chet take his seat once more, and the camera fades again.

The camera fades back in, outside of a big, important looking hospital. We enter the hospital, and doctors and nurses are moving very busily. A man in a surgical mask walks briskly down the halls and as a nurse passes him a folder, the man takes a turn into an office marked "Robert Bigsly, M.D". He takes his seat, removing his surgical mask to reveal the face of the sad looking man on the plane. Dr. Bigsly looks over the folder that the nurse handed him and makes a phone call, which is revealed to be to Jersey Moneybags. The contents of the folder are the results of the two physical exams ordered for the contractors Mr. Moneybags is sending to China. The female, as Dr. Bigsly explains, is in perfect physical health. There are signs however on the male's chart that indicate some minor health issues. It is nothing too alarming just yet, but if the pattern were to continue, it looks as though someone might be trying to poison Reywas. Perhaps they already have, but failed to use the correct dose. Jersey Moneybags laughs this off, insisting that both his contractors are healthy enough for the trip to China, and their phone call ends. Just as Robert Bigsly goes to leave his office, his phone rings once more. He picks it up, and the voice on the other end explains that his father has just died.

The camera brings us back to the conversation between SVS and Chet Bigsly. Instead of pulling away, this time we are able to see their whole conversation. Chet is trying to explain something to SVS, but she keeps blowing him off, angrily. It becomes clear as their conversation continues that Chet and SVS used to be partners in crime. SVS seems to be heading down a different path however, and Chet struggles to get her to see things his way. As he says the words "I know we said we'd go straight.." The camera sets us into a flashback. It's a rainy night, a construction site with the logo of Jersey Moneybags plastered sloppily on a metal beam. Chet is kneeling in the rain, flanked on either side by two tough Chinese mobsters carrying big guns. Directly in front of him, a fat, tattooed comically tough-looking Chinese Mob boss is giving him the business. Chet owes the mobster, whose name is revealed to be Red Dragon, a great deal of money. Red Dragon curses at Chet and threatens to kill him, but Chet promises to do anything to make it up to Red Dragon. The mob boss is intrigued by this offer, and explains that he has a very important drug contact in the United States. If Chet smuggles his drugs back to China, Red Dragon is willing to call the debt squared. Suddenly, Chet gets an idea. He explains that his ex-partner recently got married to a very wealthy American girl. Red Dragon can get his drugs and the girl, and sell them both for a great deal of money. Red Dragon acts offended at this suggestion and motions for his goons to put a bullet in Chet's head, but stops just short as Chet pleads for his life. The scene ends with Red Dragon laughing and saying "I was just *u*k with you!"

The next scene begins on a beach. It is shortly before Flight 1180 is set to take off, possibly a day or two. SVS and JulietsCoffee are enjoying the day together. They are talking about Reywas and Jersey Moneybags. Together they start to hatch the plan to poison Reywas and get the contract, when from the corner of her eye SVS recognizes Chet at the tiki bar. She makes an excuse to get drinks, and the scene mirrors the one on the plane as JulietsCoffee glances over at her wife and this man engaged in conversation. SVS and Chet talk for a short while, and Chet apologizes for interrupting his ex-partner's honeymoon. He has a plan to make it up to her, as he explains that he knows about a great place in Hong Kong for them to finish out their honeymoon. Still on the beach, JulietsCoffee notices Reywas walking along the shore and calls him over. The two are still very clearly only pretending to be friendly. Rey looks healthy for the most part, as they discuss their boss. JulietsCoffee want's Reywas to help her bring their boss down by becoming whistle blowers. She explains that there is alot of money in it for them. He appears interested, and the scene ends.

We come back to the plane, the focus now on Rey as he appears much sicker. He's practically drowning in sweat as he gets up, stumbling down the aisle to the bathroom. He all but shoves over a stewardess whom the audience recognizes from an earlier scene with JulietsCoffee and SVS as being somewhat of a bigoted liar. During an earlier scene when SVS and Juliets are discussing Chet, it is mentioned that the stewardess made some rude comments about the lesbian couple and lied about them. The drinks in her hand go flying and she is covered in them. Reywas makes his way to the bathroom, just across from Dr. Bigsly only to realize the bathroom is occupied. As the occupant finishes and steps out, she is revealed to be JulietsCoffee, who seems all too pleased to see Reywas in his current state. They exchange some words as Juliets pretends to be concerned, before Reywas feints backwards after a fit of puking. The rude stewardess goes to get supplies to clean up the puke. JulietsCoffee asks if there is a doctor on board, and Dr. Bigsly springs into action. He catches Reywas before he can hit the ground, and JulietsCoffee leans in close, palming a roll of cash into Dr. Bigsly's hands.

Another flashback shows Chet and Robert in the airport. They are talking about their father's death, and it is clear Robert has no idea that their father was a drug contact for Red Dragon, but Chet knows. Chet tries to convince Robert to help him smuggle a balloon of heroin into the plane, and when Robert realizes what is in the balloon his brother has handed him he sticks it in his pocket quickly, unknowingly poking a hole in it with a pen he keeps in his pockets. Robert explains that his practice is having money problems connected with their father, and if Chet gets arrested Robert is finished as a doctor. A few minutes prior, JulietsCoffee, having spotted Chet and recognized him from the beach, approached him and the two talked. JulietsCoffee took the opportunity to contact Chet in her scheme to poison Reywas. Hearing about his brothers money problems, Chet gets an idea. He swears to destroy the heroin and solve Robert's problem. When Robert hands him back the balloon, Chet swallows it immediately, and explains that he needs Robert's help to kill Reywas. He is willing to pay ten thousand dollars for his brother's help. Desperate for the money, Robert agrees to put something together while they wait for the plane.



On board Flight 1180, the heroin leaking into Chet's system is starting to take effect. He is hallucinating, and everyone he sees looks like Red Dragon or one of Red Dragon's goons. Reywas is puking all over the place, which frustrates the stupid stewardess. Chet charges after Reywas, believing him to be Red Dragon. Reywas is starting to freak out as well, as the poison progresses and he becomes more and more unhinged. The two fight for a while. As Chet punches Reywas in the face, he falls backwards. Reywas knocks over a U.S Air Marshall and takes his taser, running at Chet. As Reywas tases Chet, he shouts "Honey Boo Boo Forever!". SVS and JulietsCoffee quickly retreat back to their seats, frightened in all the confusion and chaos. Once the Air Marshall collects himself, he quickly subdues both Reywas and Chet. In his fever-induced stupor, Reywas lets slip that he and JulietsCoffee are co-workers, so he decides to interview JulietsCoffee. A few minutes before the interview, JulietsCoffee and SVS were talking about Reywas, and SVS convinced JulietsCoffee that Reywas was eventually going to betray her and sell her out to the Chinese. During the interview, Juliets 'accidentally' says that Reywas was going to "sell her to the Chinese." instead of "sell her out to the Chinese". This alarms the Marshal, who calls in to his bosses. It turns out, completely by coincidence, Reywas meets the physical description of a known human trafficker.

Dr. Bigsly walks over to his brother to try and help, and through their conversation he discovers the truth about his father's death. His father was in fact a drug contact for Red Dragon, shot in retaliation for Chet's debts. Dr. Bigsly forces Chet to throw up the rest of the heroin, once again making a mess for the bigoted stewardess to clean up. The brothers vow to help each other through this rough time.

As the plane lands, Chet and Rey are led away from all the other passengers by the US Air Marshal. When they turn a corner, Chet sees Red Dragon waiting for him. He believes he is still hallucinating, so he walks up to this Red Dragon and starts poking him, and making fun of him. It turns out this is the real Red Dragon, and the Air Marshal was working with him the whole time to make sure Chet kept his word and delivered the drugs and the American hostage. Since Chet has neither, he decides the best thing do to is spit in Red Dragon's eye and kick him in the nuts before running away.

JulietsCoffee and SVS are in the airport lobby, discussing all the money they're going to get. Dr. Bigsly is there too, only he's just trying to make sense of the situation and regain his composure. Suddenly a panicked Chet busts through a service door and runs right into his brother Dr. Bigsly. He explains that they are being chased by the mobsters that killed their dad, and the two run off and steal a car from the airport parking lot, luggage pouring out of the trunk and open doors as they peel rubber away from the mobsters. As JulietsCoffee and SVS are leaving the airport, JulietsCoffee gets a call from her boss. He's just been informed that Reywas is a human trafficker, and so by default, JulietsCoffee gets the contract, and the promotion. They hang up and JulietsCoffee and SVS prepare to sell out her boss so they can finish their plan.



Chet Bigsly and his brother get a safehouse in China. One day, while Chet is out paying his respects to their father at the graveyard and shopping, Chinese police bust into the safehouse to arrest Bob for poisoning Reywas. Meanwhile SVS and JulietsCoffee are far away, enjoying themselves on another beach. Though the marshal's do question JulietsCoffee about her involvement in the plot to poison Reywas, SVS manages to convince them that she had nothing to do with it. Immediately after the Marshals leave, Juliets and SVS finish their plot to turn in their boss, earning themselves several million dollars. Chet arrives back to his safehouse to find Robert missing. Robert is being transported to the courtroom in a squad car. Ahead of him, another squad car transports Reywas to the same court. Before they reach the courtroom, Reywas keels over dead, cause unknown. Robert Bigsly is promptly convicted of murder, and he realizes his brother is not in the courtroom. A few blocks away, Chet is robbing a store. He turns a corner and comes face to face with Red Dragon, the newly hired chef for JulietsCoffee and SVS. To get back at Chet, SVS and JulietsCoffee make him their pool boy. With the death of Reywas, all of his funds that were frozen by the marshals are released and donated to his last known victim, JulietsCoffee. Alerted to the death of Reywas, JulietsCoffee uses her now substantial wealth to buy Robert Bigsly's freedom and pay him for his help in getting rid of Reywas. Dr. Bigsly uses the money he is given to take over the Chinese Drug trade now that Red Dragon is retired.

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Session 2 Details

Playset -Heroes of Pinnacle City - ... ?cat=7#110

Session Start: Set Up: Sat. April 20th 5:00pm EST Play: Sat April 20th 6:30pm EST
Estimated Session Time: 3 hours

Pastebin -

Cast Of Characters:
1.DharmaHelper As Clizzby the Collector
2. SVS as Moon Zinnia
3. Spaghetti as Jeff
4 Aces as Derek
5. Ambray/Typhoony as Bob

The Story:

Author:  Ambray/SoFi [ Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Yeah, I can play next week. :)

Author:  S~V~S [ Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

I am in.

Author:  reywaS [ Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Superhero of I don't play. :D

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness


Author:  S~V~S [ Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

The kitties were the real superheroes

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Mon May 13, 2013 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Session 3 Details

Playset -De Medici - ... p?cat=7#78

Session Start: Set Up: Sat. May 25th 5:00pm EST Play: Sat May 25th 6:30pm EST
Estimated Session Time: 3 hours

Pastebin -

Cast Of Characters:
1. SVS as Pietro Boccassini
2. Aces as Padre Benidicto Fernando Michael III
3. Leggy as Ana Margaery Tuscano
4. DharmaHelper as Donatello Marcello
With Special Guest MovingPictures07 as Lord Tuscano/Luigi De Medici

The Story:
Coming soon

Author:  S~V~S [ Thu May 16, 2013 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

I will be here but again may be late; Dads birthday, taking him to Star Trek.

Author:  reywaS [ Fri May 17, 2013 12:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

I will play.

and I promise this time I will be there on time. :D

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Fri May 17, 2013 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

I will be here but again may be late; Dads birthday, taking him to Star Trek.

Your dad has one of those EVERY YEAR! Fiasco only happens once every few weeks.... OK NVM Go show your Dad a good time.

Author:  S~V~S [ Sat May 18, 2013 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

DH, sorry but i am out. My Dad wants to go for dinner after the movie, so i am not sure WHEN i will be back, and I don;t want to delay you like i did last time. Sorry, I was really looking forward to medici, too :(

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Sat May 18, 2013 10:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Fiasco is NEXT Saturday the 25th.

Author:  S~V~S [ Sat May 25, 2013 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Tonight, yes? Here I will be :)

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Added new playsets to the poll. Will try to get the story posts written asap.

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Session 4 Details

Playset -Touring Rock Band - ... p?cat=7#44

Session Start: Sat June 22nd 5:00pm EST
Estimated Session Time: 3 hours


Cast Of Characters:
1. DharmaHelper as Jackson Steele
2. Aces as Frankie "The Bear" Malone
3. SVS as Vinny Boombotz
4. Leggy as Rosie Delgado
5. MP as Adrian Delgado
6. Doober as Stacy Boombotz
The Story:
Coming soon

Author:  DharmaHelper [ Mon Sep 30, 2013 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Fiasco will be returning with some all new playsets pretty soon

Author:  leggyorlyb [ Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

:omg: :omg:

Author:  Timmer [ Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IRC Fiasco - Official Official Thread of Officialness

Hey, if you guys plan to run one of these again, I'd love to try it out! But I would need considerable warning to be sure to be available!

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