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 Post subject: season four wish list
PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 3:04 pm 
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1. Elena's dark side. When a person turns into a vampire, their strongest personality traits are heightened. Elena's strongest personality traits are compassion and selflessness -- but seeing vampire Elena wander around Mystic Falls helping old ladies with their groceries and nursing injured animals back to health would get old really quickly. We've seen a few flashes of just how tough and fierce Elena can be when someone messes with the people she loves. We're hoping that is the side of her that emerges when she finally vamps out. Does Elena have a little Ripper in her?

2. A little happiness for Damon. We don't care if it comes from Elena, Katherine, Stefan, or an elaborate cocktail of prescription medications. It takes the fun out of Damon's wise cracks and eyebrow acrobatics when we know that inside, he's curled up in the fetal position crying about his man-pain.

3. Some new love interests. If Elena and Stefan don't last -- and let's face it, since this is television, things are bound to unravel sooner or later -- we'd really love to see what Stefan is like with someone else, if only for the sake of curiosity. He had great chemistry with Caroline in Season 2 -- of course, she's quite taken now, but at least we know he's capable of some connection with a woman who doesn't look like Nina Dobrev.

4. More Rebekah, all the time! We're not exactly singing Rebekah's praises after the stunt she pulled in the season finale, nearly killing Matt and actually-kinda-sorta killing Elena, but we're willing to chalk it up to grief-induced madness if she's really, really sorry (and if she buys Matt a new truck). Rebekah was an excellent addition to the show last season, and we're still intrigued by how she'll fit into Mystic Falls and whether her history with Stefan will be explored further. While we're on the subject of new characters, we're also hoping to keep Meredith Fell around a while.

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